Reunite your hybrid
teams with Watercoolr

Foster community and casual, ad hoc conversations
between teammates in your new virtual lounge.

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Designed for spontaneous collaboration

Watercoolr helps organizations avoid the factors that cripple productivity: increasing fragmentation,
counterproductive siloing of critical information, and isolation of team members from the greater organization.

24/7 access to your virtual space

Allow shared coffee breaks, communal lunches, office parties, celebrations of milestones, and after work blowing off steam events to be reconstituted as a vital part of of your hybrid team’s work experience.

Private chat functionality

Join in a private video conversation with a colleague by clicking on a colleague’s image.

“Work the room” networking

See others in conversation and circulate easily from conversation to conversation, introducing yourself and getting to know your colleagues. Easily bring other team members into your conversations.

Conversation starters

Post an inspirational thought of the day, survey question, or other prompt or notification.

Customizable Nametags

Use the editable Nametag field to indicate role, location, a topic of interest or an icebreaker.

Multiple sign-in options

Integrate with single sign-on to make your company Watercoolr secure to only approved staff.

Encourage moments that matter

Celebrate milestones and empower conversations that employees truly care about:

New employee welcomes
Freeform discussions
Team celebrations
Personal Milestones
Shared coffee breaks
Communal lunches
Happy hours
Brainstorming sessions
Celebrations of departmental milestones and wins

Technology you can trust

Watercoolr is built on Shindig’s state of the art virtual events technology pioneered by Shindig, the innovative virtual event platform trusted by Amazon, Accenture, Gartner, NOAA, NICE, Salesforce, SAP and Wolters Kluwer.

Shindig’s proprietary event tech is underpinned by 28 US Patents for such features as “Work the Room” Networking, Virtual Backstage, TownHall Open Podiums, and Virtual Lobby, plus operates with SOC 2 Type II security.

Bring the best part of work back

Foster collaboration and boost productivity with a virtual workspace that doesn’t feel like work.

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