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Small Talk is a Big Deal.

Coffee breaks, team huddles, departmental get-togethers – these are the ad hoc engagements where the team magic happens! For meetups that inspire and reunite your team, it’s Watercoolr.

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Remote work is
here to stay

Watercoolr is your hybrid team's 24/7 virtual meeting space for casual collaboration and back-channels information sharing, enhancing individual well-being and organizational efficiency. It restores your organization's sense of connection and shared purpose that all the ad hoc meet-ups and "watercooler conversations" that your physical workspace previously fostered.

Reconnect your team, Increase productivity

Turns out hallway chats, elevator lobby catch ups and other impromptu encounters were not only important to job satisfaction, but were also critical to productivity. Watercoolr helps recreate those dynamics for your virtual team.

"It’s not enough for us to execute more in isolation—companies need a playbook to bring back debate, open dialogue, and proper brainstorming in an increasingly remote world."
Dr. Sahar Yousef, Cognitive Neuroscientist and lecturer at Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley

Recognize the essential importance of casual, informal conversations

Watercoolr supplements your existing communications channels with less structured engagements that avoid the stressors of protocol, rank and seniority. Now shared coffee breaks, communal lunches, new employee welcomes, and after-work gatherings can all resume their place in your company’s culture.

Restore the informal backchannels your organization depends on

Freeform dynamics and informal adhoc collaboration are critical to backchannels and feedback loops, percolation of new ideas, knowledge sharing, talent development, and coordination of complex initiatives.

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“Innovation isn't always a planned activity... It's bumping into each other over the course of the day and advancing an idea that you just had.”
Tim Cook, CEO, Apple

How it works.

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Choose the plan that best fits your team size from startup to enterprise level and get unlimited access for each of your teammates.

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Get your team started by sending them your custom Watercoolr URL via email or your internal communication system of choice, like Slack. Secure your access with our SSO integrations including Teams, Zoom, and Google.

Reunited and it feels so good

You’ll have round the clock access to your digital space, making it the perfect place for spontaneous, creative conversations. See your employees drop by from time to time or join in when on break to engage in informal conversation with coworkers. Just a click can initiate a conversation or loop in others in the experience forming informal private grouping of 2 to 12 members.

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